They say reputation is a treasure to be carefully collected and hoarded, especially when you are first establishing it. This is entirely true. We have worked very hard to establish ours by providing our clientele with pulsating and exuberant Brazilian and Caribbean vibes in our restaurant/cocktail bar in Camden, and now we think it’s time to share that treasure with even more people here in Belsize.

If you wish to forget London for a while and travel across the Atlantic to reach exotic locations where you can savour colourful cocktails and delicious food, you basically have two options. Either you book a plane ticket or you book a table here at Coco Bamboo Belsize – we will take you on a flavour-filled journey! And while you’re sitting in our cosy, relaxed and charming dining area , you will taste and feel Brazil and the Caribbean through explosion of flavours in our drinks and dishes – which we believe is proof that both those traditional and modern cultures are apt to merge and create the astonishing fusion at Coco Bamboo Belsize we pride ourselves on.

So to find out how true these words are, you basically have two options. Either you contact all our customers around London or you contact us and pay us a visit. And remember, we are passionate about our hard-earned reputation and we look forward to having you here for a memorable experience.

83A Haverstock Hill
NW3 4RL, London, UK

0207 586 7755

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